Little Rock Hillcrest

Little Rock Hillcrest

With the reputation as being one of the coolest places to live in Little Rock Hillcrest offers the lifestyle where you can walk to dinner, shopping and entertainment.

Hillcrest locals will consistently tell you that one of their favorite qualities of the neighborhood is its walkability. Take a drive down Hillcrest’s main drag, Kavanaugh Boulevard, and you quickly realize exactly what they mean. With charming locally owned shops, such as Box Turtle and E. Leigh’s Boutique, Hillcrest is known area-wide for its monthly “Shop & Sip” event held on the first Thursday of each month.

One think that Hillcrest cannot be accused of lacking is a variety in restaurant options. From Brazilian cuisine at Cafe Bossa Nova to sushi at Kemuri, Hillcrest is bursting with option for foodies.

Nestled in the streets of Hillcrest, you’ll find turn of the century homes and cozy cottages. It’s not uncommon to find remodeled homes among the historic bungalows, but even with 21st century style, Hillcrest has held onto the character that makes it truly one-of-a-kind.


Dating back to 1890,
Hillcrest is one
of the
first recorded
neighborhoods in Little Rock.